CPX 2021 development exceeds 10,500 boepd

CPX’s last 12 wells were all drilled with no safety events, under AFE, and were successfully completed with strong economics.

As of last month, CPX is hedged on oil to about 25% of net production through the first half of next year and about 17% for the second half.  Hedges on gas sit around 30% of net production for all of next year.  CPX begins its 2022 drilling program again with a Nabors rig, the X-16.   

CPX strives to be an operator that develops long lasting relationships with its most valued service companies.  CPX promotes loyalty and incentivizes for safety and efficiency on all our projects. 

CPX spent months choosing midstream companies that shared our same goals and because of this we pipeline every BBL of Oil , every BBL of SW and every MCF of gas off of our leases, greatly reducing truck traffic and our carbon footprint.  CPX Energy’s goal is to flare 0 gas from our facilities. 

Our strategy will always be to make a great return on all our investments, while reducing waste and promoting efficiencies.

CPX Energy, LLC